Deputy mayor of Dalian City with his delegation visited Fashion Dream Incubator


On the morning, November 6, 2019, Deputy Mayor Jin Guowei and the delegation of Dalian City came to the FDI, accompanied by Li Dong, the deputy head of Keqiao District. All employees of FDI warmly welcomed the delegation of Dalian City.


The brand consultant led the delegation of Dalian City to the Ago Store of FDI and introduced them to the various fashion brands and their respective products. Mr. Jin was very concerned about the progress and highly affirmed the work of FDI. He hopes that FDI will continue to contribute to strengthening cultural exchanges and commercial cooperation with Italy and Europe through the “One Belt, One Road” initiative. Mr. Jin also asked about the development plan of the next stage of FDI and gave guidance on related work.


Since its opening in May 2018, FDI has been building a fashion platform, innovating investment promotion, promoting brand landing, providing nanny-style services.This combination boxing promotes project construction to gradually break through bottlenecks, opens up new situations, and helps the construction of fashion Keqiao .