A group of official leaders visited FDI



On the afternoon of Wednesday, July 10, 2019, Mrs.Zhao Langping, Secretary of the Communist Youth League Committee of Shaoxing, Mrs.Xu Haifang, Deputy Secretary of Keqiao District Construction Management Committee, and other officials visited the Fashion Dream Incubator. Mr. Weng Guozhu, General Manager of FDI, warmly welcomed the group.


Mr. Weng Guozhu led the group to visit Ago Store, the concept store of FDI, and introduced to them the fashion brands and products exhibited. Mrs. Zhao Langping was very interested about the progress of the project and appreciated the work done so far. Following the “One Belt One Road” initiative, she hopes that FDI will further support cultural exchanges, business cooperation and other aspects with Italy and Europe. Mrs. Zhao Langping and Mrs. Xu Haifang asked about the development plan of Fashion Dream Incubator and gave suggestions about it.


Since its establishment, FDI cooperated 150 times with EU and Italian governments, associations, universities and enterprises. It has attracted 500 Italian companies, and has launched nearly 100 performances such as lectures and presentations in Italy, holding fashion shows, conferences, etc. It held more than 70 activities, 41 companies have entered the business, of which 23 have completed industrial and commercial registration and 18 are foreign companies. At present, FDI is promoting the second phase of the project - European Tailor Fashion City & EuroBlue Online Livestream Base, further opening up the Chinese market for Italian and European fashion brands, providing more wonderful choices for Chinese consumers.