Administrative department manager


Administrative department manager

male or female, age between 25-40 years old

Work content:

1.Responsible for presiding over the overall work organization of the headquarters and supervising the department staff to fully complete the tasks required;

2.Implement the post responsibility system and work standards of the department and strengthen cooperation with relevant departments;

3.Responsible for organizing the administrative year, season, monthly administrative logistics, and security work plan. Based on the principle of reasonable economy, prepare a logistics plan and manage the administrative logistics budget work;

4.Responsible for internal corporate security management. Maintain internal security order and improve public security;

5.Responsible for the management of water and electricity in the company. Carefully manage the waste of water and electricity, regularly inspect and repair measuring instruments, and electrical equipment and lines;

6.Responsible for the training and education of the personnel of the organization department. In cooperation with the Human Resources Office regularly carry out post quality service and business competition appraisal activities;

7.Possibility to propose subordinate candidates to the supervisors and evaluate their work;

8.Complete company tasks assigned on time.